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In third year we were briefed by The LGBT+ Foundation Manchester to create a digital campaign exploring 'marginalised identities'. I focused on gay women, fascinated by how queerness in pop culture, media and literature has always been made palatable by either sexualising lesbian characters, or making them some what 'deviant'. In the 50s and 60s, lesbian pulp fiction had to present the characters as 'wicked' to pass government censorship. They could be as “steamy as you wanted, but you could not give them a happy ending.”


For my campaign I recreated the homophobic pulp fiction covers, replacing the titles with the ignorant, invasive and stupid questions gay women are asked daily (taken from interviews I conducted). Modelled by Manchester couple Haleesa and Natasha and combined with retro fonts and film photography, my campaign strives to highlight how 2019 society are not so forward thinking as we like to think. Whilst homophobia is not so overt today, there is still undoubtedly prejudices and outdated opinions and views towards gay women, even amongst our youth. The final images were drawn by Manchester based illustrator Eve Gittins in her distinct style that fitted the campaign too well: the perfect blend of modern meets old school. Shot, directed, cast & styled by me.




Modelled by Haleesa & Natasha

Illustrations by Eve Gittins, Eden Bo Dower & Lana Fenton

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