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“It’s Toasted” is a shoot I did in my first year of university exploring mass consumerism and advertising in the 1920’s. It is named after a misleading catch line for the famous cigarette brand Lucky Strike, advocating that smoking their cigarettes was good for you . The shoot centred around a quote I found in ‘The modelling of the female form in fashion’ by Patricia Brattig, addressing how the cut of Western clothing hinders and underscores our movement, which I found highly ironic. The freedom associated with the 1920’s was do with the era’s drastic change in style, yet the clothing that was liberating them was restrictive my nature – people weren’t as free as they believed they were, especially due to false advertising and mass consumerism schemes convincing them they needed certain products to be the strong and free people they longed to be. I reinterpreted clothing and make up of the period, draping the models in lavish clothing and layers of jewels but in a really exaggerated fashion to highlight the extravagant, excessive lifestyles of society at the time. Shot, styled & directed by me.



Modelled by Fleur Moller, Sukey Williams, Luke Mcintosh & Sam 

Make Up by Amelia Gerring

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