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This editorial is based on lucid dreaming, which is when you can control your dreams. Amongst my participants that experience this dream state, they could generally alter characters and change the direction of the dream but not the ending, like in video games, how you can select your player and control their actions, but ca not change their fate. 40% of my experiment participants dreamt about being inside video games, and I realised this would be the perfect way to visualise lucid dreaming. People are probably dreaming about video games due to our lives completely moving online since lockdown began. In an ode to the future facing magazine Sofa, my editorial will be imagining our near future world after COVID-19. Sofa magazine is steeped in Japanese references which have clearly informed it’s retro-futuristic clashing visuals, and so i have investigated into the techno-futurism of 1980s Japanese cyber-punk cinema and Japanese anime to inform the aesthetic of the editorial. I will be collaborating with modelling agencies ‘Menace’ and ‘Milk’, who have agreed to provide me with a cast of androgenous, diverse models, and a designer who i feel embodies my personal vision of the future of fashion. 


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