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This shoot is called 'Bedroom Landing', based on a dream I had about sunbathing on Mars, and 1950’s low budget sci-fi movies. I wanted the set to feel really handmade but still tasteful, so pitched my idea to some graphic designer friends Imi and Will who came up with the amazing idea for the set: Minecraft mars, which they did by screen printing computer generated rock images onto cardboard boxes. I directed my sunburnt models to pretend they were really bad actors on a super low budget film, so it was all really collaborative and so fun to shoot.  A lot of my dreams have film like qualities and I feel as though I am watching them rather than taking part in them, so initially it was only supposed to be a short fashion film shot on Super8 – the photos were actually just a side product! Shot, styled, directed & edited by me.

Featured in Kaltblut Magazine (Berlin, Germany).



Modelled by Jaydon Harvey (Phoenix Model Management), Emily Wye (Revolt Model Agency) and Caitlyn Jackson

Set design by Will Butterfield & Imogen Gash 

Garments by Hannah Gilbert & Joy Craig

Accessories by Fanny Ljungberg

Make Up by Roo Gehring

Hair by Roopal Puri

Animation by Chloe Watts


'Paradox' by 2b.Frank

Produced by Oakland

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