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'Morpheus is an ongoing project i have been working on since January 2020, about dreaming and the creativity of the unconscious. There are many theories on why we have dreams. Some suggest that our unconscious imagination is linked to our mental wellbeing, and so dreams are a way of emotionally processing information. Research suggests that dreams brought on by unique circumstances (like the Coronavirus pandemic) tend to be much more vivid and intense. I thought it would be fun to test this theory by recording the quarantine dreams of 15 different individuals during lock down, comparing and analysing the nature of their dreams. I wanted to explore if (and how) these unique recent events have been manifesting in the subconscious. The results have inspired a series of different shoots based on different types of dreams.

After analysing my research I chose the five most interesting dream natures and conceptualised how to communicate each through a visual narrative, aiming them at magazines that i felt best represented the aesthetic or message I was trying to communicate. The dream natures I chose to explore were spectator dreams, black and white, recurring, metamorphosis and lucid. I thoroughly analysed these by sorting through the dream logs and cross referencing to find commonalities, looking for patterns and recurring themes. The following five editorials are a visual and psychological exploration of dreaming and the creativity of the unconscious, and a completely unique insight into dreaming under unique circumstances. I have used dreams as my base narrative but explore a wider range of current issues within each editorial.  

Due to lockdown I was not able to shoot all of these projects so some are still only plans, but I will be working hard over the next year to bring my ideas to life!


"I murdered Keir Starmer and had bloody footprints which I trailed into Tesco Express. My dad told people I was on my period to cover my tracks and they believed me. Was in the bath washing blood off my legs but then had to defeat a monster with a machete. Went to a Trump rally and ordered a bottle of champagne."


"I was on a plane with no one i know. I looked out the window and saw two other planes falling from the sky. I realised that the two other planes were the same make as mine as they had the same blue undercarriage. The plane i was on started falling too. People were yelling and the lights were very bright. I got into brace position and was anticipating the sick feeling associated with falling. I realised my dad was tracking this flight to make sure i arrived okay, and was sad that he’d see we crashed without being able to tell him that i survived as i knew i was going to".


"Me and family members were in planes flying in a formation over a city. My grandad was about to be made king and we were choosing the colours of his robe and suit. He was about to meet trump, but in my dream I didn't feel the hate for trump that I do in real life which was odd, he wasn't as much of an idiot in my dream I think."


"I was in a commercial plane, then we start to crash, the pilot then jumps out and we land floating ontop of the water. We are all stranded, next thing a Rasta man is swimming whilst towing the plain towards this swamp of huts. .... Turned out the plane driver had planned to get us all there to see who could survive in this scary but cool place. I woke up just as I was one of the last ones left."


"I am driving  and smoothly transitions into to viewing the cops and there were bodies in the grass, mostly black guys and the cops are trying to figure out what happened. The plane got downed by lava."

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