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For my editorial on recurring dreams I began experimenting with ways I could visually convey repetitiveness through digital manipulation and collage. I decided for my final shoot i would do this through layout and casting, shooting twins and displaying the photographs in a cut and paste style editorial. 33% of my experiment participants have recurring dreams about being in fancy dress which i found odd, so I decided this would be a funny aspect to extract from my research. Many of the recurring dreams involved family and home was the most recurring location, so I plan to have ‘home’ as the theme. The fancy dress styling is based on the twins own recurring dreams, making the shoot more personal to my models. I decided that Japanese lifestyle magazine POPEYE would be perfect to aim the editorial at, due to their repetitive, cut and paste style and busy layouts, the magazine’s design elements a very similar aesthetic to what I want to achieve. I experimented with digital collage and renders to form mock ups of what the shoot will look like.


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