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I have always had extremely vivid dreams with strong narratives and plot twists, often switching perspective from taking part to spectating them. This editorial is based on a quarrantine dream I had about war breaking out in Japan, explosions everywhere, then the perspective shifts and I can see that its a movie set, and i am watching a film being made. I want the images to look like behind the scenes shots, with an emphasis on the ‘unseen’. I will use camera angles and scale to highlight the importance of perspective, having the set and camera crew infiltrate the imagery, emphasising the dreams voyeuristic nature. I have aimed it at TANK, an innovative alternative fashion magazine who similarly challenge perspective through its encapsulating design feature, the use of stickers. This is an investigation into modern design and how it can challenge perception, encouraging young people to challenge everything they are taught, rather than accepting and watching. I have made plans to collaborate with set designers from Kingston University and four designers who have collections based on WW2.


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